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  • - Congratulations Dee! - On the birth of her daughter Charlie, on October 28.
  • Well, folks, it's official: Water Rats has been axed. In the wake of Dee Smart and Steve Bisley's departures, as well as a decline in ratings and loss of sponsorship, Channel Nine has decided to pull the plug. Although nothing has been announced on the NineMSN website yet, the news has been announced in various magazines and newspapers, and - in case anyone was in denial - last week's episode referred to the "series finale." *sniff!*
  • Although this probably won't come as much of a shock to most Dee Smart fans, rumour has it that Dee is pregnant and leaving Water Rats... Actually, this is a little more than a rumour, as pregnancy is a bit difficult to hide after a certain point! As for Water Rats, her departure has also been confirmed, despite all hopes to the contrary. Oh well. With any luck she'll be back for some guest roles. (A fan can dream, right? ;)