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  • Dee Smart Online
  • Dee-mail
  • Home of Ms. Dee Smart*
  • Deeness*
  • The Dee Smart Website*
  • The Smart Stuff*
  • Chix in Flix
  • The Internet Movie Database
  • Walking on Water
  • Gorgon's Water Rats Page
  • Dee Smart at Yahoo!
  • Yahoo! Club: Dee Smart Fan Club
  • Yahoo! Club: Funky Dee Fan Club
  • Yahoo! Club: Deeness
  • Yahoo! Club: Water Rats
  • There seems to be somewhat of a Dee site deficiency on the internet, but if you know of any that are missing, just contact me and let me know! Also, I know of a couple of sites (*) that are currently down, but hopefully they'll be up again one day soon.

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