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:: dee-lightful - for smart fans everywhere ::

:: biographical details ::

Name: Dierdre Claire Smart

Age: 35

Born: Adelaide

Lives: Sydney

Agent: Piers Wilkinson

Marital Status: First married to Steve Balbi (bassplayer for Noiseworks) but after their divorce, married Chris Hancock (aka. Cocky). They've been married for about three years now, and on October 28, 2001, Dee gave birth to their daughter Charlie.

Background: One of nine kids, Dee grew up on a cattle station outside Adelaide. She has four sisters and four brothers! At the age of sixteen, Dee left home and joined the Victorian College of Arts. When she didn't experience much success as a dancer, she turned to acting, and this is where - as we all know - her true potential has been developed! Her first role was in Home and Away, but the experience doesn't seem to have been a particularly enjoyable one - or at least, she's glad to have moved on. ;) I bet most Water Rats fans are, too!

Trivia: Dee used to live next door to Catherine McClements! And for anybody interested, she was married (one time, not sure which) in Las Vegas, in front of ten friends. As you do!

Contact Information:

Dee Smart
c/o Quicksilver Productions
P.O Box 1595
Rozelle, NSW 2039